The 2D Monogame Book is on Amazon!

We have the first edition of the Monogame course in print and e-book form in case you missed the course launch. Any feedback (either here or on Amazon reviews) will greatly be appreciated and used for revisions in the next edition.   A special thanks to everyone who has made this possible!   -Cody  

06 Jan 2018

Can you travel the world while making video games?

Sarah Northway has found her passion for creating and programming video games, and has been able to turn that into a full-time income that allows her to travel the world! In this interview, we dive into how she has achieved this lifestyle, and one deviously simple productivity tip that allows her to finish her projects.

30 Nov 2017

These 3 game design mindsets will set you apart from virtually 98% of game designers

It was a late Saturday afternoon as I began the walk across the crooked streets of the inner city.   With a small tip-off from one of my trusted friends, I decided to go looking for this suspicious and mysterious looking man who usually hangs out behind Yarn’s cafe on cold nights like these.  

14 Sep 2017

How to install Monogame on Visual Studio 2015

Go to Click the latest release Choose visual studio Run the Monogame Setup file   Open VS 2015 and choose new project. In your new project setup, Go to Templates->Visual C#->Monogame->Monogame->Windows Project   Compile and run the code. There should be no problems, and you should see a blank screen.     If there

18 Jun 2016

Shortcut Keys for Visual Studio

Collapse Items Ctrl+M+M Collapse / un-collapse current preset area (e.g. method) Ctrl+M+H Collpase / hide current selection Ctrl+M+O Collapse declaration bodies Ctrl+M+A Collapse all Ctrl+M+X Uncollapse all Ctrl+m, ctrl+T Collapse Html tag Edit Code Ctrl+L Delete current line or selection of lines to and add to clipboard Ctrl+Shift+L Delete current line or selection of lines

27 Jul 2015

Simple 2D Lighting System in C# and Monogame

This tutorial will walk you through a simple lighting tutorial. You can see a live example of what this system does in a top-down 2D rpg.   The live gif lost some quality, the second screen shot shows you how it really looks. Okay, lets get into it! Go into your current project, and make

24 Jun 2015
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